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Paintball Masks


We're a private club, so you can't just show up and play. There are specific days, capacity limits, exceptions for weather and keeping the playing surfaces intact. If your team would like to attend a practice session, here are the steps for your captain or coach to follow.

Step 1, roster

Take a screen shot of your APPA roster or provide a complete list of first and last names, as well as team name. Email them to

Step 3, receive confirmation

For the moment we are limiting sessions to four teams. A team may play both sessions on a given practice day if there is room.

Step 5, register with field

Your roster is kept at the front desk and up top. When you arrive, go to the front desk to get your wristband and first case(s), then come back up top to sign in.

Step 2, date and session time

Figure out which day and session(s) you want to play. Once we have confirmed your roster you will be able to register to practice.

Step 4, show up

If you reserve a spot and no-show it without notification, when the schedule is full you will not be accommodated. To be registered and everything by the start of the session, come a half hour early.

You can download the rules at the link above so you're familiar with the way we do things, but you'll get to read them at sign in. Chrono, get your crew and run some points!

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