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About Us

Supporting and Developing Midwest Tournament Paintball Teams

The MWTPA is a private club for Midwest Paintball teams to have efficient competitive practices and clinics.

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MWTPA Events

MWTPA will be hosted at the Badlandz and Blast Camp paintball fields. Each event will be private and only available for those teams registered with the MWTPA. This allows teams to have the opportunity to run tournament style scrimmages/practices efficiently, which maximizes competitiveness and time on the field. Layouts will change based on upcoming events. 


Each MWTPA event will end with a 1v1 tournament for those willing to compete. The event 1v1 champion will win a prize and an exclusive MTWPA lighter.

At the end of the year the player with the most 1v1 wins will be crowned the MTWPA 1v1 Champion and receive exclusive prizes.

MWTPA Clinics

Another perk of the MWTPA is we will be hosting clinics and drill days. Get feedback from Pro and Semi-Pro paintballers on how to better your game. More details to come.

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